Keeping up a rapid pace of locking down early, and powerful support from heavyweight Democratic Party leaders, today, California Democratic Party Vice Chair and Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair, Eric C. Bauman, garnered a sought-after endorsement from legendary past state Democratic Party Chair and former State Senator Art Torres.

Significantly, Torres made history as the first Latino leader of the state’s Democratic Party. He was also the longest serving Chair that California Democrats have ever had, overseeing the Party for 13 years in total. Lauded for his stellar record as California Democratic Party Chair as well as for his time in the State Senate, Torres’ endorsement carries significant weight in a race for Chair of the state Democratic Party.

In announcing his backing of Bauman, Torres stated:

“Eric Bauman is a results-driven, proven leader for grassroots Democrats. His ability to organize, register and elect Democrats up and down the ballot, and all across California, is unrivaled. His grit, determination and fearlessness, combined with his strong backbone, is something that California Democrats need as we gear up to fight the divisive Donald Trump and his incoming Administration. Eric isn’t just experienced at winning elections, but he’s also inclusive, accessible and forward-thinking by nature — all attributes that we need in our next Party Chair. I’m proud to stand with Eric Bauman.”